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- Irresponsible , rude, bully - - Chili - 5/20/2020 - comment
Dave is the worst accountant that you can work with. He made a stupid excuse to drop us during the pandemic because we ask too many questions about the SBA Loan, instead of navigate it together with us, he bully us and accuse us and drop us but still send us a bill for consultanting and book keeping work that never touch base with us. We worked with Dave for 15 years , we are fashion designers and don’t have much knowledge about accountanting, he took advantage of us, file our tax return late, promise to pay for the penalty and never did. At the beginning years, he is okay but the last couple years is a nightmare. We were looking for a new accountant and we kick ourself of not taking our act together and fire him soon enough. During this pandemic, I learned from my fashion community early on around March that we need to gets our books together and have our accountant to help us file a EIDL loan, we are not qualify for the PPP. Dave said he will do it and delay us for a couple weeks than because I keep asking him to file the application, and he keep pushing it out and send us a screen shot which you can’t see anything about applying the grant, with no application no or anything. When we ask the question again, he accused me of insulting him, demand us to pay for the bookkeeping work which he never talk to us about some details change, and charge us time to talk to us on the phone with no help except tell us to sell our apartment . We found an amazing accountant but it takes him a long time to finish the book and we miss the April 15 deadline . We are now struggling to stay survive and thanks to Dave that did nothing at a timely manner to help but to bully us. What the most astonish is he sent us an email and ask us to pay just a few days ago. Now he has the time so he thought we will be so stupid here still waiting after 1 month.

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