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- Review - - Patrick mcnamara - 12/28/2017 - comment
I have used Lavoie And Company as my personal accountant and business accountant for upwards of 25 years. Tom has done a great job for me, my family and my business. He has helped me through two audits with very successful results. He knows the tax codes and federal tax refs better than any tax professional I have ever encountered. I highly recommend Tom for anyone who needs a really excellent and honest accountant.

- Go anywhere but here - - Robin - 8/31/2012 - comment
I had the unfortunate pleasure of speaking with Thomas LaVoie today. He was quite possibly the strangest and rudest man I have ever dealt with. When I called his office he interrogated me the second he came on the phone. No hello or anything. It was the strangest thing I had ever experienced when calling someone. It was so strange I decided to end the call. He then called me back at my home and asked to talk to “Rude Robin”. I could not believe this man was calling me and harassing me, what nerve. He proceeded to yell at me and reprimand me for ending the call with him. I was not pleasant back but what do you expect. This is the owner the company so this was the only means of getting my complaint out there. I would steer clear of LaVoie and Company and even farther away from Thomas LaVoie himself.
     robyn - 10/16/2012 - 10/16/2012 - update! This creep gets even creepier. Please remember I spoke to him a month and a half ago. He just tracked down my husband , today, at work , which is extremely creepy in itself. I never gave him my full name and there is no way he knew my husbands name. Then to call him on his personal work number. That would have took some serious investigation work. Clearly he has NO life. Clearly, I am in need of a restraining order. So, I will be getting one. So, he calls my husband and after confirming I was his wife he tells him to have me remove these reviews because "he does not want to sue me". This guy seriously has a screw loose. The truth hurts and I have every right to post my honest review of my dealings with this man. It is called freedom of speech buddy! Thanks for giving me something to add to my review and for showing people how truly messed up you are. I hope this teaches you a lesson in how to treat people. You can't go around talking to people like that without consequences.
     robyn - 10/20/2012 - 10/19/12 update! He called my husband again after this last update and threaten to sue us again. He also stated how he know who my husband was, he knows who I am, and he know who are kids are. My husband told him you can not sue, or should I say "win", a case where someone posts a factual situation of my dealings with him. Again, it is called freedom of speech. Any attorney you try to waste your money on will tell him this. However, I have a solid case of harassment and mental anguish. Let me clear up one thing he pointed out today. I am making this review under his "companies" name and not his Scholarships name. To be clear, for the record, this review is about Thomas Lavoie CPA, himself. I am by no means commenting on his employees or co-workers. He owns this company and runs a scholarship fund. I had my unfortunate dealings with him when I tried to contact him about applying for a scholarship for my son. The facts remain the same. He is a very strange man. He is condescending, rude, inappropriate, and harassing. He crossed the line the second he called me to yell at me and he took a flying leap over the line when he decided to track down my husband, somehow, and threaten him and our family. I will NOT remove my reviews of Thomas Lavoie CPA. The more he harasses us the more I will be adding to the reviews. You have been warned. This man has a serious screw loose.

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