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- Horrible Services - - - 7/14/2018 - comment
13 minutes ago I recently did my taxes there. I hadn't gotten back my state refund so I decided to follow up with the NC dept of revenue. They informed that the acct the money was supposed to routed to was not my bank but it included my social security #. They said when that happens the money goes back to the tax preparer. I asked the NC dept to mail my the document and it in fact has my social security number in the place where my bank account information should be. I contacted the agency twice about this and Arthur Gray denied everything saying they're not going to do anything about it. I even have my bank statements that show I never recieved my money. Aruthr Gray was EXTREMELY disrespectful and did not care I have evidence from the NC dept of revenue services or my bank statements. So now I have to get law enforcement involved because he refuses to take accountability that one of his workers did something wrong. So I will up there within the week with all evidence in hand because they owe me my money. But I will NEVER do business with them again. Not all black owned business deserve the time of day and they are one of them.

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