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- Never again - - Christian Corrales - 8/29/2018 - comment
I will never ever come here again, nor will i ever recommend anyone filing their taxes with skip. He’s a scammer that will for sure take your money and not give you your transcript. I’ve tried contacting him but he’s “never there, on his lunch break or in a meeting.” The receptionist are really worthless; they can’t seem to do anything but leave a message for skip; which you will never hear from. It took me 5 months just to receive my transcript and that’s after that fact that i told them i will file a lawsuit and make a complaint to the BBB. I honestly this organization gets shut down.

- DO NOT USE - - - 12/15/2017 - comment
You will never see him or your paperwork again. Stay far far away from him!!!!!

- Skip is Scum - - - 12/8/2016 - comment
I paid him a single check taxes plus his fees, he completely disappeared for months without having paid my taxes then finally claimed the check was only for his fees and that so i ended up owing the IRS. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he ended up behind bars. Hes a smooth talking scam artist stay as far as possible.

- Avoid this person - - - 4/22/2016 - comment
He promised to do taxes and file business license paperwork. He asked for initial payment for fees upfront and then was impossible to contact and did not do the work. Use at your own risk

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