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- Beach - - - 2/20/2019 - comment
My husband and I transferred to Virginia Beach for The Department of Homeland Security. We bought a {newly} built brick home from Zirpoli. The home had been actively listed for sale one year when we called his listing agent Andrea London of All Pros Realty, Virginia Beach and ask her to tour. The first tour was late evening and dark outside. We called agent London the next day to ask for a second tour. Initially, Ms. London was lovely. We put an offer in with London whom performed all contracts for both the buyer and the seller. The contract to purchase ratified within days. I was asked to bring our deposit directly to Zirpoli’s office. Before I handed him a sizeable check for down payment I enquired about very specific issues with the construction of the home. Zirpoli assured me I had no reason to be concerned, and explained away why. I accepted Zirpoli’s words as fact. During certain stages of buying our home the agent become lazy in her attempts at meeting requests we made through her to the seller, by not following through with requests {we} made for repairs and other maintenance and many housekeeping issues, London took notes while we did walkthroughs and she promised to have certain items taken care of and assured us these things would be corrected. We ask London very specify questions about aspects of the house and also the grounds. Six weeks after closing escrow we received an invoice that was owned by the builder. I immediately sent the invoice to London and ask her to alert the seller so he could resolve his obligation. The seller did nothing to get the debt out of my name for me. This created a great deal of stress. I spent unspoken amounts of time convincing the vendor the debt was not mine. Now, issues I inquired of from the builder and his agent prior to handing him our deposit has risen. It is now clear I was misled by Zirpoli and London. Never, ever allow an agent to represent you and the seller. Agent London failed to hold the seller responsible for completing many repairs and major maintenance issues with the HVAC duct work under our house prior to close of escrow. London informed us these repairs were made, she even assured us of it in writing. London stated many times throughout the sale process that if "Robert said he fixed it, he fixed it". Some repairs were obviously not completed as requested prior to closing, however with a commitment to our lender we were required to close as scheduled. This is where the time constraints come into play when buying a home. Once all the trouble began, I researched Zirpoli’s license, albeit too late and discovered he had previously received a violation. Always check builders and realtors license beforehand.

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