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- Consider yourself warned to think twice before doing business with FDU or Kurland. - - - 6/25/2017 - comment
Consumer Warning: BEWARE!! UNETHICAL & DISHONEST ATTORNEY!! Think twice before doing business with Attorney Leon I. Kurland, he has engaged in very dishonest and unethical activities in the past. Attorney Leon I. Kurland also teaches college classes, he was scheduled to teach a class at Fairleigh Dickinson University FDU. Kurland literally refused to show up to classes. It became clear that Leon Kurland neglected his responsibility to his students at FDU. It became clear through cancellation emails sent out by his law secretary that Kurland was choosing to stay at his law practice in Parsippany rather than travel to classes being held in Montvale, that he was being paid to be the instructor of. Kurland acted unethically by not notifying FDU of any of the absences so that another qualified professor could administer the class or act as a substitute professor. Kurland then violated FDU policy by neglecting his students and refusing even write or administer a Final Exam. Even though Kurland was the one who failed to perform his duties he proceeded to give both students an “I” (Incomplete) for the class. I filed a complaint with the university against Kurland for this literally fraudulent behavior. The Dean gave a final assignment and claimed that an impartial professor would grade the paper. Negligently, the paper was given to Kurland to grade, Kurland then falsely claimed that the content was plagiarized and he gave me an F. (FAIL) Needless to say, the paper was my own work and Kurland refuses to provide a Turnitin.com report because that will prove the paper was original. This has caused me tremendous hardship and has affected my ability to graduate because Professor Kurland didn’t do his job. Kurland’s attempt to destroy my GPA and Graduate College acceptances will not be met with silence. Kurland's unethical conduct has damaged my GPA and reputation for NO reason. Consider yourself warned to think twice before doing business with FDU or Kurland.

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